Thank You Eluise

For those of you who are suffering from anxiety or panic disorder my heart goes out to you. Everyone at some point in their life has something to be anxious over, this is perfectly normal. However, when your lifestyle has to be altered because of your anxiety, this is not normal. The sad part about anxiety is that unless you suffer from this dreadful condition yourself, it is extremely difficult for most people to understand how it impacts your life. As someone who suffers from anxiety I know only too well how you are feeling and how debilitating at times your life can be. This is not all about gloom and doom, actually it's just the opposite. Coaching has helped me to realize that your thought process and your actions play a major role in your anxiety level. It sounds so simple now and it excites me to tell you that Eluise has helped me tremendously in recognizing this. She has worked with me and continues to work with me on learning to act rather than react to life. As a result of my coaching partnership with Eluise, I am that much closer to reaching my ultimate goal: To enjoy my life to its fullness and never have to avoid anything because of my anxiety. You truly have been a blessing in my life, thank you Eluise.



Eluise thanks for helping me see that the big picture is made up of small strokes. You helped me realize and focus on my strengths. This strategy has helped me to accomplish more than I ever have.

A. Jones


I spent a good part of my day drafting letters and doing research that has been sitting for months. I'm not finished yet but... I feel so much better today. Turning "wishing into doing" has made an impact on my focus. I pray that I will continue to use what I've learned for a lifetime of motivation." Thanks!


Dear Eluise

Dear Eluise, On behalf on Cherise Cooper-Matos, Program Director of the YABC, staff and myself, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your contributions to our Young Adult Borough Center Program. Working with "at risk" High School students in an alternative high school setting is sometimes a challenge. You never quite know what the students will respond to, especially when introducing something of an artistic or expressive nature. There is always a chance that young people may not wish to participate and expose their vulnerable side. Your workshop entitled"Inner Vision – The Catalyst to your Ultimate Expression"was a wonderful and engaging activity. In creating their own personal vision map from media images, the students were able to connect with, reflect upon and sharpen the focus of their interior dreams and realties. Many maps were a surprise to both students and staff alike. Thank you for infusing creativity into our extra-curricular activities.

Theresa Doyle

Coach Who Cares

Eluise is a coach who cares. She is compassionate and non-judgmental. That, combined with her no-nonsense, straightforward approach inspires me to take action. Eluise motivates me to be my best.

Diane Y.


Eluise Gambino was a contributor to the success of the Autumn Career & Job Fair that was Co-Sponsored by the New York State Department of Labor & the S.I. Job Service Employer Committee.

Ms. Gambino met with job seekers to assist them in making better choices and manage the challenge of transition while seeking a new job or an alternate career. Her table was among the busiest of the day. The feedback from the job seekers was extremely positive. A good number of the 800+ who came looking for a job said that Ms. Gambino's resume critiquing, interviewing tips and overall counseling was very valuable to their job search. Along with her contributions, it has been my personal pleasure to work with her.

John Mastellone

Positive change

In my interaction with with Eluise, she has proven to be an enlightening experience. She is extremely knowledgeable in encouraging people to seek out change and helps them to do so. While working with Eluise in my office she demonstrated wonderful skills in diffusing personality difficulties and moving forward toward a common goal. I would recommend Eluise's skills and talents for any kind of positive change!


Thanks for Sharing

Thanks for sharing your goal setting tools and tips. Unfortunately, we sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that "setting goals" and "doing" contradict each other....inaction vs. action so to speak. So often we use the phrase "go for it" but if that "it" is a moving target, very little, if anything, will ultimately be accomplished. I hope a tiny smidgen of your insight, organizational ability, relationship skills and warm personality will rub off on me in this lifetime.

Angie V.

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