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Eluise Gambino, CEC
Certified Leadership & Personal Success Coach

Coaching Ordinary People into Extraordinary Success!




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Every THING matters!
Everything you say, think and do at this very moment will create the life that you live tomorrow.




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Beautiful and graceful, varied and enchanting, small but approachable, butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life. And everyone deserves a little sunshine. - Jeffrey Glassberg




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Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart ... Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. - Carl Jung

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Is Your Coach Certified? ImageEluise Gambino became a Certified Leadership Coach as part of her mission to help individuals reach their full potential. One of her greatest joys is in witnessing the transformation her clients make when they grow into their true authentic selves and become aware, centered, empowered and fulfilled individuals. The clarity they earn leaves them with a clear understanding of who they are and where they're headed.

Eluise has a natural passion for making a connection with people and helping them to not only identify their current obstacles but to clearly define a feasible and functional pathway into a better tomorrow. Eluise has a gift for putting people at ease and helping them feel comfortable enough to open up and reflect upon what they really want and who they truly want to become. Along with that comfort zone comes the ability for her clients to dig deep and often tap into what is blocking them from reaching their full potential.

Her own transformation began with an unexpected job loss that left her feeling dazed, confused and alarmingly scared. It was then, in those moments of darkness and weakness, that she identified her strengths and her purpose! She knew she found her calling in life when she assessed her career and had to identify what she loved and what she loathed about her past professional experiences. It was in that self reflection that Eluise found her life, her "self" and her passion. She walked away from the experience knowing the best part of her entire career was in her ability to empower people to be the best they could be. Her greatest reward in all of her professional experiences was in seeing the development in her staff and those she mentored as they emerged from their own metamorphosis; fully wing spanned and ready to fly into their own greatness.

After a period of soul searching, self reflection and identifying her purpose, Eluise knew that her strength was in her ability to engage, empower and take her team from under-performers to excellence! It was then Eluise sought out Coach training programs. Once she knew she discovered her calling Eluise chose an accredited coach training program and became certified as a Professional Coach. Along with her years of corporate training and building small businesses, Eluise began coaching clients in 2003 and has developed a diverse mix of clientele since. Her clients have a proven track record of achieving greater levels of awareness, clarity, new skill sets and techniques needed to assist them in achieving amazing sustainable results.

Eluise created Change Wishing Into Doing in an effort to help people from all walks of life take the necessary action to achieve their inner greatness. With a focus on making time matter, developing life leadership and interpersonal skills, she assists her clients in creating shifts in their thinking, behavior and actions to in turn produce life changing results. Her clients gain clarity, insight, defined vision, self-confidence, breakthrough performances and greater levels of achievement.

If you are like so many others out there, searching for the opportunity to be your best and achieve your personal success then you have come to the right place! As your Coach, Eluise has the skills and abilities to expand the way you observe, relate to and engage the world by challenging the underlying beliefs and assumptions that are responsible for your actions and behaviors. She will help you understand the way you think, feel, act and react in your day to day relationships and then give you the knowledge you need to improve on those relationships drastically.

Eluise inspires, educates and motivates individuals to live their life authentically with purpose, passion and a desire to create excellence in all they do! As your partner she can help you create a step-by-step vision map to produce sustainable results such as:

  • Leveraging your strengths, purpose, and passion utilizing a unique strategic process of discovering, from the inside out, who you are and what really motivates you
  • Optimizing human performance to create an inner-directed leader, inspired with clear vision, concise actions and measurable goals
  • Identifying the links between healthy, personal relationships and the direct impact they have on your success as a great leader, at work and at home
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills and how they relate to your effectiveness
  • Transformational growth focusing on awareness, acknowledgment and acceptance
  • Awareness and understanding of cross cultural diversity and communication differences
  • Unleashing your inner greatness to accomplish more than you ever thought possible!

In addition to her Coaching expertise, Eluise has over 20 years experience of practical business experience formed from working with some of today's top leaders, including senior management at JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. As a compliment to her professional experiences and training, Eluise was professionally trained and certified as a Coach and is a graduate of iPEC Coaching with the designation of Certified Empowerment Coach (CEC).

Change Wishing Into Doing provides Life and Leadership Coaching with services ranging from life balance, leadership development, communication skills, diversity awareness, to employee engagement. Eluise creates and leads workshops, including Building High Performance Teams, Understanding Differences, Managing Transitions, Conflict Management, and Creating Everyday Excellence to general team building, especially for sales teams.

Eluise has a unique strength of motivating diverse teams to drive results utilizing various training modalities, including Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Coaching and Mentoring principles. Awarded as a Diversity champion, leader amongst peers and visionary contributor to senior business initiatives, she is a leader in building highly effective, cohesive teams. She has a unique combination of analytical, communication and leadership skills.

If you see yourself in a position of greatness and just need the extra support to help you sort things out and keep you organized and accountable, then I invite you to invest a half hour and schedule a Complimentary session to discuss the benefits of forming a coaching partnership with Eluise. If you are the type of person who is ready for success and wants to be inspired to greatness, then consider making the call. Together, you create a path and walk it side by side to get you through the necessary steps to fulfill your goals and equip you with all you need to be on your Path to Success!

Now is the perfect time to pick up the phone and find out how the powerful process of Professional Coaching can help you to live the life you've always dreamed of!

Call or email today to schedule a Complimentary Coaching Consultation

Remember - Only you can make the call and take action!

"Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become."

Call (239) 541-8878 to schedule your
Complimentary Coaching Session today!


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"It occurs to me that our only job in life is to give people back to themselves." - Neale Donald Walsh



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