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I am sharing this particular show "Use the Power of Self to live your Best Year Ever" mainly because of its very powerful topic. It's a topic that relates to all of us regardless of where we are on our journey! It is particularly important for those very early in their road to empowerment. 

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The Four Agreements Do you know what it feels like to have something constantly surface in your life and every time it does, you think of the same thing? Well, that "thing" for me is "The Four Agreements". I read this book as part of my curriculum when I was in training with iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) and eight years later, it is still a very big part of my life, my coaching, my personal journey, as well as my overall philosophy on life! So why the long lasting connection? This book offers four simple agreements and I am here to tell you, they have been life changing. 

 The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz  

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Integrity is…….html….html I was honored to be invited to be one of the Coaches who took part in the “Above Board” Chamber of Florida‘s panel discussion “How to be a Better You in Business.”  

One of the questions asked related to how the word “integrity” is being used so loosely and has become a “buzz word” in business and networking.  My response ended with, “when your actions and behaviors are consistent, ultimately those “acts” will tell the story, for better or for worse.”

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What is Coaching? The coaching process focuses on you and your agenda, supporting your efforts as well as managing your obstacles or challenges. A successful coaching relationship is always a partnership. To succeed, that partnership must be based on a solid foundation of trust.

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What is Personal Leadership?  

We are all familiar with the debate of whether “leaders are made, not born” or “leaders are born, not made.” What we do know is, great leadership, of any kind, begins with exceptional personal leadership.

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