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Change Wishing Into Doing

Welcome! Be ready to be filled with posts of motivation, inspiration and empowerment! My mission is to empower readers to see themselves in my writing and to utilize my experiences from my Professional Coach training to be empowered and motivated! I look forward to being the catalyst to you becoming the amazing person you were created to be; richly fulfilled, motivated, purposeful & happy!!! ~ eℓℓe ƸӜƷ

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What is The Power of Coaching?




LifeCoaching1Imagine yourself stuck in a house of darkness with no light switch. This house is fully furnished with everything you need in life but you can’t see any of it. You know there are rooms with windows and doors and these rooms have all your furniture, clothes and personal belongings but in the darkness you can’t seem to find just what you need when you need it. Since you are familiar with the layout, every day you get up take a shower, get dressed and look in the mirror that you know is on the wall but because of the darkness you cannot really see yourself clearly. In fact the only thing you can see in the mirror is a blurry shadow of your silhouette but you can’t really see the details of who you are.  You go down to the kitchen make your breakfast and sit down at your table to eat, but you can’t really see what you’re eating. This darkness follows you day after day everywhere you go.  At times you feel frustrated because you know something is missing in your life but you just can’t pin point what it is. You have the desire to look in the mirror and really see yourself but the darkness is all you have ever known and that thought seems almost absurd.

Does this story sound crazy to you? The truth is that many people live their entire lives in total darkness, not literal darkness because every day the sun comes out and we all have light switches in our homes. But most people, and maybe even you, are unable to see who they truly are or what they are capable of being or what issues are bothering them or what burdens they have been carrying. In fact most people aren’t able to understand or articulate what the darkness is or how it is limiting their life, some people aren’t even aware the darkness exists. And because this darkness is all they have known they don’t realize that they are in the dark about some very important things in life. They just don’t know any better. At times they feel something is missing but they just can’t seem to pin point what it is exactly. They don’t fully understand lifecoaching2what causes their inability to see, they are unable to see who they really are or reach their full potential or find total happiness in life. Unfortunately many people go through life like this, bumping into everything, struggling everyday and never really finding out how strong or great they are capable of being. Their own darkness spills over into relationships and clouds their judgment, blocks their communication and weighs them down with unnecessary pain and suffering. Because they can’t see or understand where they are in life or what to do next they live in stress, fear, pain and sadly a lot of negativity. The unfortunate result of all of this negativity in our lives year after year is often times dis-ease, simply because the body stores it without any outlet or release. 

Now what if we had someone that could slowly turn on the lights with a dim switch? Nothing blindingly bright or drastic of course, just a subtle light that slowly got brighter and with each passing day we were able to fully see who we are and what our purpose in life is. What if someone came into your life and not only slowly lit up the room but they also held up a mirror for you and helped you see, understand, process and articulate all of your valuable assets and attributes as well as gently helped you realize your shortcomings and faults. I suppose that from years in the dark the thought would seem scary. It might be a little difficult at first to open up to someone else and allow them to see all of you. Taking off that mask we’re so used to wearing and exposing our true authentic self is difficult at first but very liberating as well. Taking a good look at ourselves in the mirror and fully seeing who we are in all of our good and bad is challenging for most to say the least. Yet, the very powerful process that leads us to discovering who we really are and what we are capable of becoming is immeasurable and life changing.

lifecoaching3Imagine being able to pick up the phone and set up a time to meet with this person on a regular basis and work this whole light thing at your own pace? What if you got to determine how fast or how slow the lights were brightened and what parts of yourself or your life were to be shined on next? Does this sound like something you would be interested in? This, my friend is what “The Power of Coaching” is all about!

Coaching is a process in which you engage with a certified, experienced and professional individual like Eluise Gambino within your scope of time and pace. Together you work through the various stages of your fears, stress, pain, suffering, unhappiness or whatever is holding you back from reaching your goals and finding true happiness. What if you don’t know what your goals, blocks, fears or limiting beliefs are? Ah, good question! That is where a Professional Coach takes your hand and walks you through the coaching process, helping you to find yourself, gently opening the curtains and turning on the lights so you can see your inner greatness, your skills and abilities, what makes you tick and tingle, what makes you feel like flying and most of all, what really brings joy to your life. The most difficult part of Coaching very well might be that first step because you’re not sure what to expect. I assure you that one call will put your mind at ease once you’ve had the opportunity to talk about how the process can go and as gently or as deep as you want it to go. You always remain in control; every step of the process is customized to your needs and geared around what makes you comfortable. Now that doesn’t mean that everything will be candy coated and you get to hear only what you want to hear because that wouldn’t be beneficial to you at all. With Eluise as your Coach, you will get straight forward, honest and no-nonsense responses that are real, thought provoking and eye opening so that finding your way out of the darkness and into the light becomes a natural every day process that you choose to commit to. 

lifecoaching4In today’s day and age, everyone can benefit from Professional Coaching. Coaching helps you see who you are and where you are as well as help you determine where you are going in life and how to navigate the blocks and obstacles. Coaching helps you define and understand your goals as well as creating a clear and functional map to reaching those goals. Together with your Coach you can make a plan to get on the Path to Success and be held accountable as long as you need to in order to reach the level of success you desire. Coaching can help you build your self esteem, overcome your fears and help you learn to manage your stress levels in your life. Coaching helps you create healthy boundaries in your relationships that in turn become healthy, positive and productive. Coaching is inspiring and motivating and the process teaches you how to live your life authentically and on purpose. 

So if you feel something is missing in your life and you just can’t seem to pinpoint what it is that’s keeping you from being your best, you just might need someone to help you turn on the lights and shed some insight on what’s stopping you from reaching your full potential and finding true happiness. Nowis the perfect time to pick up the phone and find out how the powerful process of Professional Coaching can help you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of! 

Remember – Only you can make the call and take action!

“Change is the essence of life.  Be willing to surrender what you are

for what you could become.”

Call (239) 541-8878 to schedule your

Complimentary Coaching Session today!

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Eluise Gambino is a Certified Coach, professionally trained to coach you from the "inside out". As your partner in success, Eluise will assist you in gaining the clarity to define the life you want, the confidence to face the changes you choose to make and the courage to commit to live your best life!

Eluise became a Coach in 2003 after experiencing her own life transition. While on her own journey of discovery, Eluise identified her personal strengths, as well as her passion to teach others how to shift their thinking, behavior and actions to produce life changing results. Change Wishing Into Doing was born thereafter as an expression for her passion and dedication to the development of human potential and her mission to share her gifts with those who are ready to realize their full potential!

Whether you want to live your best life, grow your business or both, Life and Leadership Coaching will afford you the skills and tools you need to become the person you were intended to be! With services ranging from life balance, leadership development, enhanced communication skills, diversity awareness, to creating healthy relationships, you can create whatever success path you desire.

In addition to one-on-one personal coaching, Eluise leads her business clients to success through workshops, team building, managing transitions, conflict management, employee engagement, creating everyday excellence to increasing overall productivity, especially for sales teams.


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