Leadership Category - Change Wishing Into Doing Blog entries categorized under Leadership http://changewishingintodoing.com/Blog/Categories/Listings/leadership.html Tue, 23 May 2017 08:42:02 -0400 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Did I just hear you complain about… http://changewishingintodoing.com/Blog/Entry/did-i-just-hear-you-complain-about….html http://changewishingintodoing.com/Blog/Entry/did-i-just-hear-you-complain-about….html Last night Pete & I watched  ”New Girl”  definitely not a PG! family type of show, nevertheless it was funny and I did Laugh out Loud!

So there’s one male character who’s a wannabe and he tries to hook up with every girl who breathes! What I liked was how they bash him for his crude behavior and more so, how his guy roommates keep him accountable for it with what they’ve dubbed a “Dou... B..” Jar. Every time he makes a “DB” comment or displays “DB” behavior,  he has to pay up and contribute to the Jar!  For example, the “New Girl” was crying her eyes out over a breakup and he proceeds to take his shirt off to show off his pecks, I would imagine to take her mind off things…lol

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Integrity is… http://changewishingintodoing.com/Blog/Entry/integrity-is….html http://changewishingintodoing.com/Blog/Entry/integrity-is….html I was honored to be invited to be one of the Coaches who took part in the “Above Board” Chamber of Florida‘s panel discussion “How to be a Better You in Business.”  

One of the questions asked related to how the word “integrity” is being used so loosely and has become a “buzz word” in business and networking.  My response ended with, “when your actions and behaviors are consistent, ultimately those “acts” will tell the story, for better or for worse.”

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